Custom Statue Making

Custom statue making or commissioning a sculpting project, requires a Custom Project Coordinator and one head sculptor who together oversee the entire project from start to completion, then from delivery to installation.

A Custom Project Coordinator is assigned to be your coordinator in all aspects of your custom statue making project, whereas the lead sculptor is assigned to custom create your statue in clay.  Your Coordinator is available 24/7 for all of your coordinating, communications and presentation needs.  The lead sculptor will be of course the sculptor creating your vision along with overseeing proper mold making and precise detailing during the casting and on through to the patina process, where applicable.

At an additional cost, we offer personalized, door to door service of delivery and installation.

On some custom statue making projects, we begin with sculpting a table top maquette in clay to show positioning.  Detail is not involved in the maquette, its only used for composition.  Once this is approved, the sculpting of the real size statue begins.  Not all projects need a maquette prior, it depends on the size of your sculpture and the details involved.

For example, we do not offer a maquette when creating some portraiture busts and statues, especially if they are gift sized.

We use reference photos, sketches, pictures, print, live models provided by you for capturing likeness along with the details we will have previously discussed and determined, or sometimes we are asked to sketch out the idea for the client.

With this information in place, the clay sculpture will begin to come to life.  During certain stages, closer to as it begins to be finished, we will begin showing you images of your custom clay work for your review.  Any comments or suggestions for changes will be received, changed and photos resent for continued review.  This process will continue until it is preliminary approved pending on-site live visit, if applicable.  At this stage, we ask that a member of your organization or family member prepare for a final sign off approval.

On some custom statue making service projects, our quotes include, at our expense, a pre-arranged round trip flight and one nights hotel stay for one person who can come for the final review and approval.

Once approved, the rubber mold building over the clay model begins.  Our mold builders offers over 25 years of silicone mold building over fully detailed figurative sculptures of various sizes, from 6 inch to over 15 feet tall.

Skills that result in fine mold building for proper and ease of casting.

Rubber mold is moved to the casting department for casting and fabricated to completion.  Our casting department offers over 30 + years of experience in the metal art foundry and bonded marble resin foundry industry, with many of them including early years as apprentices learning the trade.

Together, our team works collectively building results, offering a finished sculpture that will make us proud of who we are and what we represent today and in the future, for us and for our custom statue clientele.

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