Hydra Constructions by Chalkidis Lazaros


With 25 years of personal experience and having apprenticed as a child next to his father Georgios Chalkidis, who was, admittedly, one of the best contractors-craftsmen of the island, he continues the tradition with knowledge and love for the craft.

  With a team of experienced craftsmen, he undertakes all stages of construction work, whether the whole construction-reconstruction of a building or individual work. His goal is always the perfect, timeless result.

   A large part of the construction activity of Hydra and in which he has huge experience is the reconstruction and renovation of buildings. Only craftsmen with a deep knowledge of their subject and a passion for what they do, can cope with the needs of restoration.

Lazaros Chalkidis says: “Hydra is the place I love and its architecture amazes me, I feel great honor that I learned its “secrets” and joy when it emerges through our constructions.”

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