Olga Goulandris studied in London, History of Art (Birbeck College) and made relevant postgraduate studies (MA, Fine and Decorative Art, and Design – Sotheby’s.) She also studied Byzantine and modern techniques of Mosaic in Greece, Italy, and the United States. She has 7 solo exhibitions and has participated in several group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. She has numerous awards and recognitions for her unique style and personality in the world of the Mosaic. Olga Goulandris has managed to highlight the art of mosaic in a way to create a work of art as she does not approach it simply as folk art. She is the contemporary art of Mosaic in Greece and her works of art are exhibited in museums, galleries, and private collections worldwide. The visual artist teaches the art of the mosaic and has created a group of students entitled “Mosaic Κosmos“, which conducts several artistic and charitable actions.


Contemporary artist Olga Goulandris brings her passion in Mosaic instruction and arts entrepreneurship, to these intensive mosaic seminars for prospective creators, instructors or hobbyists.

With respect to this eternal art and our gaze in the past and the history of Mosaic, we study the techniques and discover our personal expression.

Textures, Light and Flows is our main study. The seminars are practical and theoretical. While working we learn and discuss, what we keep from traditional techniques and where we evolve in order to quest this art.

It is not necessary to have the ability for sketching or painting.

Olga Goulandris Art Studio

6 Valtetsiou str, 15451 Athens, Greece