Alexander the Great Bust – Marblecast

Materials: Bronze, Marble, Paint

Dimensions: Height: 11 Inches


Alexander the Great, the great conqueror of the Persian Empire is depicted in this detailed marble statue. This 11-inch Greek statue is a breath-taking replica of the original statue.

Measures 11 inches high
Weighs 10 pounds

All statues are proudly manufactured and handcrafted in the MARBLECast facility in Salt Lake City, Utah using only the finest exclusive in-house blend of bonded marble material. The material and the casting process allows for even minute details like fingernails, eyelids, wings, swirls and bumps. The feel of the product is smooth and cold to the touch…because it is marble. No exterior finishes, paints or polishes are used, needing nothing to enhance their appearance. The color is clean white, the surface has no pin-holes or flaws like plaster would give, enhancing only crisp detail, high-quality smooth natural finish. Most products less than 20-inches are cast solid, depending on the overall dimension of the model. Our white bonded marble cast statues rival any similar products seen in Europe and any similar products found as imports. The proof is seeing it up close. Find out more about what we do at
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