The Solemn Responsibility that Goes into Creating Memorial Statues

When our artisans set out to create a memorial statue for a loved one, or for the loss of a young person, everyone on our team gets to know all they can about this person. We learn about their unique character, and listen to stories shared by family members and friends, because we want to incorporate all the finest details and interesting nuances as we create their likeness in sculpture.

Memorial Statues

Larry and Brenda Memorial Statue

Our team is privileged to be asked to participate in using their own artistic talents to bring honor and love to these memorial statues. It is an awesome responsibility that we fully embrace when it comes to celebrating a person’s life, while helping loved ones heal in the process.

We want this very personal work of art to be true to the life of this treasured person. In order to create a sculpture that exquisitely resembles this person’s likeness, we seek to find out all aspects of their life – from the fullness of their personality, to the activities and hobbies that brought them joy, the impressions they left in their careers, and how they touched other people’s lives.  Small details matter to our team of sculptors as they go about enshrining the memory of their loved one in art form.

Our creative research of this person delves deep, finding out such details as the watch they wore, the pin that adorned their clothing, the type of shirt or shoe style they wore, patterns of fabric, etc. Cultural specifics, like traditional clothing and learning their symbolisms and purposes, all play a huge part of the creative process. We also feel it is important to become well-aware of the person’s habits. We open our hearts to loved ones as we learn about every facet of this person’s life.

As our highly skilled sculptors shape this vision into something that can be seen and touched forever, they make sure to get everything right for our customer. Afterall, it is their story that we are developing through the art of sculpture. We take seriously our commitment to represent the true, authentic nature of the loved one throughout the process of designing, planning and creating their memorial statue.

Memorial Statues

It is always our objective to create a memorial statue that honors and tells the story of a loved one who has passed.

After the memorial statue is complete, we share the finished work of art – through photos and videos – with the family and friends of the memorialized loved one. This very personal collaboration culminates in joyous moments when loved ones view the memorial statue and experience a renewed sense of closeness with their cherished loved one.