Utah statue-making company raising money to put more women on a pedestal

(KUTV) — When Evi Karpos was a little girl, she loved playing at her parents’ statue-making business. She and her brother would shoot spitballs at each other while her mom and dad took orders from museum gift shops.

MarbleCast Products, Inc. and its online store, statues.com, provide small statuettes of historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington for museum gift shops to sell.

While Evi has fond memories of her time among the clay and plaster, she says as the years passed she began to notice many of the people being celebrated in bronze, were almost entirely male.

“I think when I realized it, I kind of did become frustrated,” Evi said.

So when her mom, Victoria Karpos, told her she wanted to start making statues that honor female trailblazers like Ida B. Wells, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Evi said she was all in.

Together, mother and daughter did research that, ultimately, concerned them. Of the 5,200 statues in public places honoring American heroes, only 400 of them, or about 8 percent, were women.

“It stunned me that we were not doing that many women,” Victoria said.

Although the shockingly low number of statues of females was sobering, Victoria and Evi found that women in history have done some astonishing things.

“So they were pretty bad a– women,” Victoria said.

The women want to focus on manufacturing more statues of women, but they also want to encourage cities and states to erect statues of women in public places.

Thursday night, Evi and Victoria will hold a Kickstarter fundraiser, to help raise $30,000 so they can begin producing statues of 20 amazing women for sale at those museums. The event is called “Where are the Women? Shaping Women’s History Through Sculpture.” It starts at 6:30 p.m. and goes until 8 p.m. at the Impact Hub in Salt Lake City.