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How do I return/exchange an item?

Please visit our Returns & Exchanges page for a comprehensive description of our return policy.


Where’s my order?

Since all our pieces our handmade to order, we request 1-3 weeks to complete the manufacturing process. For expedited requests or general questions about your order, please contact us.


Is the material aquarium safe?

Yes! We have had no issue with our marble material in an aquarium in the past. For painted pieces (bronze, aged bronze, etc), a waterproof coating may be required to protect the coloring, but the original marble material should have no issue.


Can the statues be placed outside?

Yes! The original marble material can withstand a wide variety of weather conditions. Please note that the painted pieces may show signs of discoloring outdoors. Also note that our statues are not indestructible, hard impacts (e.g., a large branch falling on the statue) may cause damage.


How can I clean my statue?

Soap and water should take care of most issues, but acetone or isopropyl alcohol will also do the trick! Note that acetone will dissolve any paint, please only use these on the original white marble. A soft cloth with any store bought polishing spray will create a nice polish on any piece.


What are the statues made of?

We offer castings made of White Bonded Marble, Bonded Marble with a Bronze Tone Finish, and Bronze. White Bonded Marble is a unique blend of fine white marble powder and resin. Bonded Marble with the Bronze Tone Finish items are made with the white bonded marble material, with a hand painted bronze finish applied at the end of the casting process. Bronze is the most popular metal for cast metal sculptures, using the lost-wax casting process, an age old technique that imparts a feeling of warmth & nobility when used in art.


Can the statues be painted?

Absolutely! Please share photos with us 🙂


Will my statue look different than the picture?

All our statues are handmade. A natural flaw is to be expected. If you have any issue with your piece, please contact us.


Can I customize a piece?

We offer custom engraving and added features such as bases for most of statues. Please contact us to discuss your ideas! If you would like to design your own statue, change a size, or any other custom requests, please contact us. Big or Small, One or Many, we do it all!


Can I bulk order for special occasions?

Yes! Contact our custom ordering division here contact us.


Who are we?

We’re a multi-generational family-owned business located in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah! Read our About Us page for more information about our origins, portfolio, and our unique services and processes. Our clients and workmanship can be found in fine locations around the world!


Do you have retail stores?

While we don’t have our own “” retail store, we do partner with shops around the world! Check back soon for a link to our Retailers.


Can I make a custom piece?

It’s our specialty 🙂 Please visit our portfolio to see a list of our past works. To contact us for details about custom work, please contact us or call us at 801-366-5900.

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