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Custom Stone and Bronze Statues


Welcome to— a custom sculpting studio for high-quality commissioned marble, stone, and bronze statues and figurines in the USA.

We are a team of experienced artisans, sculptures, and techs serving clients across the world.

Shaping History Through Sculpture

Your conception will exist for future generations to ponder, considering both the
person who thought to create it and the moment that it was memorialized.

Our Service Offerings



  • Servicing Retail & Wholesale Trade with Low Minimums
  • Casual Multi-Piece Ordering
  • Affordable Classical Statues for Sale Through Online Retail Partners

Big or Small, We Do It All

Professional Sculpting Team

Professional Sculpting Team

  • Skilled in Creating Your Custom Design From Initial Concept to Finished Sculpture
  • Experienced in Sculpting to Any Size, Style or Design
  • 100% In-House Artisans Offering Personalized Service
Team of stone statue

Production And Manufacturing of stone statue

Production And Manufacturing

  • Casting in Bronze, Resin, White Marble, Fine Concrete and More!
  • Offering a proprietary premium Marblecast bonded marble and true Everdur bronze
  • Big or Small – We Do It All

The Process of Casting Your Story

Made in the USA

PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA is a certified “Made in the USA” producer. Our team, production studio, sculptors,
bronze casting techs are all located right here in the United States. We also source 100% of our
materials from American suppliers and businesses.


Your beautiful sculpture will exist for generations to come. Through collaboration
with your vision is skillfully shaped into something that can be seen and touched forever.

Custom made statues with white glove attention.

Real Sculptors Creating Just For You



At, the enormity of being entrusted with people’s memories is understood. We take great pride in not only the creative process, but also in the lasting relationships that have come with those projects.


We strive to deliver not just a quality, one of a kind product, but to give each custom sculptural project our personalized attention and touch.

Why should you hire

In-House Team is a certified “Made in the USA” sculpting studio. We are a 100% in-house team of highly-skilled artisans, sculptors, and techs from the United States.

High-Quality Material


We use high-quality casting materials like bonded stone and marble, and museum-quality bronze for sculptures, statues, and figurines. The raw material is sourced from the USA.

Hand-Crafted Sculptures


Be it a public monument or memorial statue, we create sculptures crafted by hand, thus giving them a natural and real feel.

Custom Statues


We have in-depth knowledge & years of experience to create custom stone and bronze statues as per your needs & budget. We can make an exact replica from a photograph

Low Minimums


From an experienced crew to a fully-equipped facility, we have everything to complete small to bulk orders without any limitations or minimum requirements.

Best Prices


We can create memorials, mascots, awards, busts, full figures, public art, and stone statues at a competitive price range without compromising the quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of statues do you make?

At, we have a team of highly skilled artisans for making statues, like

  • Memorial statues
  • Bust statues
  • Full-figure statues
  • Public art sculptures
  • Women statues
  • Stone statues
  • Bronze statues
  • School Mascots sculptures
  • Gift Sized statues
  • Award Styled sculptures
  • Garden sculptures
  • Animal statues


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2. Which sizes of statues are available?

We can make stone statues and bronze statues of any size whether big or small. This includes but not limited to

  • Life-Size (from t 22″ tall to 7’ plus)
  • Half Life-Size (about 15″ tall)
  • 3/4 Life-Size (about 12″ tall)
  • Larger Than Life Size (anything over 7’ tall)
  • Gift Store Size (5” to 12” tall)

3. What is the minimum order you take?

There is no minimum order. Our facility is fully equipped to accommodate a single piece special order, small to bulk or regularly scheduled maintenance orders, without any limitations.

As a full-service stone and bronze statue manufacturer, we

  • Can make any quantity of custom and gift-sized stone or bronze figurines
  • Serve retail & wholesale businesses with low minimums
  • Offer multi-piece manufacturing at economical prices
  • Work with Public Art and Tourism Departments for a public art installation


Call us at 801-366-5900 to discuss your wholesale, retail, or public art statue project.

4. Do you outsource?

No. All our workmanship and statues are created and made 100% in-house by the professional team of artisans, sculptors, 3-D artists, and bronze casting techs all from the United States. Also, 100% of our materials are sourced from American suppliers and businesses.

5. What is the difference between sculpture and statue?

The terms “Sculpture” and “Statue” are often used interchangeably, but they are different.


  • 3-D model
  • Usually a human or animal figure
  • Usually life-size
  • Statues are sculpted, molded, and carved
  • Generally not a unique art piece but rather a replica


  • 2-D or 3-D representation
  • Can be a human, animal, or an abstract form
  • Any size and subject
  • Sculptures are carved, chiseled, and are made from hand-molding materials
  • Unique piece of art


Trust the team with over 25 years experience
to work on your masterpiece
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