“Making a Bronze Statue of Nikola Tesla for Buffalo, NY”

Did you know that the electrification of planet earth began in Buffalo, NY?

It fitted the Buffalo Niagara Nikola Tesla Council alongside the Buffalo Arts Commission to begin a focused effort with MARBLECast Products, Inc. and Statues.com to start developing a bronze tribute statue in the likeness and energy of inventor Nikola Tesla.


Our team of talented figurative sculptors, mold makers, and bronze casting artisans came together in 2019 to shape a 7-foot tall statue of Nikola Tesla for the City of Buffalo, New York

Besides capturing Nikola Tesla’s likeness precisely during sculpting using the references images provided to us by the Council and Arts Commission, the second most crucial feature made it complete – The Lightning Bolt – symbolizing Nikola Tesla’s contribution to the world!

Today, the bronze statue is located at Nikola Tesla Park, officially renamed by the City of Buffalo in 2020.