Nikola Tesla



Introducing the Nikola Tesla bust, a stunning tribute to one of the greatest inventors and scientists of all time. This bust captures the iconic image of Tesla, with intricate details that bring his passion and creativity to life. Crafted from high-quality white bonded marble material, the bust has a smooth and elegant surface that resembles real marble. Its remarkable likeness to the historical figure showcases excellent product quality. Tesla was a pioneer in the fields of electrical engineering and physics, and his groundbreaking work laid the foundation for modern technology. He developed the alternating current (AC) electrical system and made significant contributions to the development of wireless communication. In addition to his scientific achievements, Tesla had a fascinating and eccentric personal life, often living in solitude and dedicating his life to his work. This bust makes for a beautiful addition to any home, office, or science museum, providing a timeless representation of Tesla’s enduring influence on science and technology. Display it proudly and appreciate the legacy of one of history’s most brilliant minds.


Made of white bonded marble, additional colors are painted.

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Materials: Marble

Variation options: Classic White Marble, Painted Bronze

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